Saturday, April 2, 2011


rasa macam nak nangis kejap :'( pas nie nak buat music player kat blog pakai suara mamat nie pulak la. boleh tak? haha :D

P/s : ohh btw, saya pon gila tengok running man jugak! terbaik kann?


  1. alamak kantoi pulak.ahah. yes yes! running man best!

  2. Hye dear.. i heard that u're coming to MSU
    a big welcome then =)
    All the best !

  3. ape yg best?? x best pong..

  4. Assalamualaikum.
    I'm medical officer, anaesthesiologist by training.
    I accidentally came across you video in you tube when i was actually looking for najwa latif lyric. Anyway i think u are talented.
    I learned that u are studying medicine. I neither want to encourage nor discourage u to study medicine but i find that young generation today still have wrong perception regarding medical profession today especially in malaysia. U can surf on which excellently highlight the medical fraternity today.
    But if u have decided, please carry on and welcome on board!

  5. is this really ainan tasneem yg dkt utube tu?? walla. i like you. :)